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SciSmart Demo Project

Plugin Lib: Pie Chart
Author:OPT                Add Time:2019-01-12


Function:As show in figure 1, Pie chart plot data item in a pie to reflect data perctange in all data items. In some vision measurement task, measure data need to be show graphlic. For example, measure the diameter of screw, show each measure data in a pie chart, calculate each measure range, and get range perctange in total measure items. This will bring impressionable sense for end user.

Figure1, Pie Chart


Step1: Unzip download file, there are two folders contain all need dlls which correspond to specific version of  SciSmart software, as show in figure2.

Figure2, Download file

Step2: Install vcredist dependency files depend on os bit version(x86 or x64) if os don’t have one, as show in figure3.


Figure3, Vcredist dependency files

Step3: There are 32 bits or 64 bits version dll for different os. So copy all files in specfic folder to SciSmart install directory.

Eg: suppose your os is 32 bit. The default SciSmart install directory is: C:\Program Files (x86)\SCISmartCamera and the version of your Scimart is v2.3.x.x, so choose Win32 folder in SciSmart v2.3 compatible folder, and copy all dll files to the directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\SCISmartCamera.


(a) Run SciSmart application program. Choose plugin library operator and choose TrendChart.dll file in the SciSmart install directory.

Figure4, Load plugin libs

(b) Input parameter settings: In plugin library operator, click reference tab, select reference variable name for pie chart, as shown in Figure5.

Figrue5, The list of parameters

Basic parameter setting:

1) ItemData: Choose a number variable array variable, each element of array respect to one data item.

(c) PieChart parameter setting: Click Setting button to open the setting parameters interface, and setting the corresponding parameters according to the actual needs, as shown in Figure6.

Figure6, Trend chart interface

Basic parameter setting:

Basci Setting:

1)     Bgd Color: Set background color of display window.

2)     Width: Set width of display window.

3)     Height: Set height of display window.

4)     Text Color: Set text color in pie chart.

5)     Title: Set text of title.

Chart Setting:

1)     Choose Item: Choose index of data item to modify parameter about it.

2)     Color: Set pie Item color.

3)     Item Name: Set name of item.