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FAQ for Power Supply in Machine Vision Application
Author:OPT                Add Time:2015-01-28

    A.1 Why the controller dose not respond properly to continuous operations?

        Were commend 20ms time interval between a pair of “Set” and “Read” operations, offering room for the controller to react.

    A.2 Are there long delays during Ethernet connection?

    No, there aren’t. If the connection isn’t established within 50ms (i.e. the timeout is 50ms.), then it failed.

A.3 Why the functions return error codes while in fact the corresponding operations are successfully done?

    Please check whether there sponses from the functions are enabled (see how to enable response in      Sect.2.19).

A.4 Why the controller can’t find any available PC serial port or serial port connection can’t be established?

    If the PC is equipped with WIN7 OS, please try to run as administrator.

    A.5 Why the controller can’t be opened (system errors are reported.)?

    To tackle this problem, please install VS2008 run time library.

    A.6 Why the controller can’t be properly connected after modifying its MAC address?

    Please reboot the controller after modifying its MAC address.