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What typical industries use machine vision technology?
Author:                Add Time:2014-12-31

Machine vision system has the features of high efficient, high accuracy, high reliable, high flexible and automatic, so more and more machine vision system is in industry manufacture, aviation industry, university and research. Machine vision system is mainly used for location, recognition, measurement, defects inspection and some other area.  


Semiconductor industry

Machine vision industry is used in semiconductor industry widely, the main application is in surface defects inspection, size measurement, number, equality, distance measurement, location, solder quality inspection, bend degree and other quality inspection and detection.

The detail main applications: Chips defects inspection; chips location and measurement; configure inspection; disk holder size measurement; angle measurement; disk surface scratch inspection, foreign point checking; IC pin equality inspection


Printing industry

Machine vision technology is playing very import role in printing industry, machine vision system can check the different defects rapidly and accuracy, this can enhance the production ability more effective and save much cost. There are many different materials of printing products like paper, plastic, metal and so on.

The detail main applications: material defects inspection like hole, foreign object checking; package box like tobacco package box to inspect the knife scratch, over ink, less ink, miss ink, over edge, letter and images inspection and so on; color defects inspection like less printing, wrong color, without printing and so on.


Food and beverage industry


Nowadays, more and more machine vision system is used in food and beverage industry. In the high speed production line now, the workers’ work can’t meet the high speed production line demand now, and famous brands are also recognize that high quality food and beverage is very important for them to build their brand, so the famous brands in the food industry want to use machine vision inspection system into their production line, this leads to the machine vision system more mature and stable in food and beverage industry.

The detail main application: Bottle quality checked like bottle mouth is not damaged, foreign part checked in the bottle; bottle account; liquid level inspection; foreign part in the liquid inspection; tag position inspection; printing code inspection and so on



Medical industry

There are many machine vision systems used in medical industry, like medical machine vision, it is using machine vision system to judge the parts of human body, some others are using machine vision system for medicine quality control

The detail main application: liquid level inspection; foreign part in the liquid inspection; cap sealed quality inspection; pill size measurement; printing code inspection; bottle account in the package.


SMT industry


SMT(surface mounted technology) is the most popular technology and process in the current electronic production. It is main used for SMT location and quality inspection including PCB and steel net location; electronic parts location; printing AOI inspection; assembly AOI inspection and so on.

The detail main application: less solder; more solder; without solder; joint bridge inspection; electronic part location; OCR; OCV; code recognition and so on.