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Customized LED machine vision light for solar inspection
Author:                Add Time:2014-12-31

Example 1: Illuminator for solar battery inspection

Application Industry: 

Carving objects (for example carving on plastic, lumber, stone) polished house of electronic objects, solar battery, kinds of coins and other diffused reflective objects, It mainly focus on the following inspection of these objects : surface inspection , size measurement ,controller board inspection and detection.

Main Inspection Content: Size measurement, surface scratch inspection and circuit broken inspection 

The basic pieces of solar battery is made by signal silicon or multi silicon, so the material is easy broken, even light hit or squash will cause damage, so qualified item should have perfect surface and circuit. For the important surface part, even a little defect will cause the whole item NG, so high accuracy surface inspection and size measurement is very important in the whole system, here we advise 5MP camera and lens. Another hard point is that the surface of the object is diffused reflection, so the special angle ring light added diffuser can get very uniform image, the whole size measure used the customized back light can get very clear outline.

According to the application inquiry, the customized light of our company should include below points: 

1.The speed and stability inquired, under the short exposure time of camera, the brightness should be strong enough 2.The illumination should be the rather same uniform in every direction,  so that the camera could acquire a uniform and clear image, with  obvious comparison and no bright spot & dazzle phenomena. 3.Screw installation hole in the back of light. 4.The working environment of light is 24 hours continuously lighting, good heat transferred system, and good brightness under long time working condition, The brightness decrease is very small in the whole year, and no special brightness adjustment needed in the whole one year. 5.Power supply has the strobe function, with this function, the power supply could make sure the light of long life expectancy, which is prolonged 4 or 5 times than using. If much longer life expectancy required, could choose our another power supply item-strobe unit.

The image of such light: