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Author:                Add Time:2014-10-29

As a LED machine vision light manufacture, we are not the company just simple to produce and sale the LED light to the customer, and then don't care about other things, this is not the job we do for the customers. As a professional machine vision company,we are more care about how to provide good solution to the customers so that they can find the right LED machine vision light in the application. So except to provide high quality LED machine vision light for customers using, we provide the test samples for customer, or we can help the customers to make the test, and then provide the suitable light. When the customers install the light inside the machine, if they meet the application issue, we can also help to customers to solve the problem as we can. We felt this is very important in the machine vision application. We are not just provide the LED machine vision light to the customer, we are also do the technical application. So that everything can match perfect,and we are also very important part in the whole machine vision system. As this idea, we have more than 25 technical support engineers to help customers to solve the application problem, and more than 15 customized light design engineer to help customers to get the suitable machine vision light in their application. We can completely service in the LED machine vision light for customers