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Plugin Libs

SciSmart is not just a application, but also a platform. You can add your own algorithms into the SciSmart. 

Below are some plugin demo libs for your reference.

Trend Chart 

Pie Chart

SciPluginDemo Project Overview

Variant value monitoring

Percentages display

How to add  algorithms into the SciSmart


You can do a lot via scripts, including calculation, getting date & time, sorting a result, calling a ActiveX components, and so on. 

For example: getting the length of a Triangle by the "Math.sin(x)" function.

  Script file


  dateDemo ( )

  Return to the date of the system in the specified format: year-month-date. 

  Return type: String.

  timeDemo ( )

  Return to the time of the system in the specified fortmat: hours-minutes-seconds-milliseconds.

  Reture type: String.

  getTimeValue ( )

  Return to the time value of the Date object.

  Return type: Int.

  dis2Pt (point1, point2)

  Calculate the distance from point1 to point2. 

  Return type: Number.

  disPtToLine (point, linePt1, linePt2)

  Calculate the distance from the point to the line.

  Return type: Number.

  rotateCenterA (point1, point2, point3)

  Calculate the center of rotation through the coordinates of three points.

  Return type: Point.

  rotateCenterB (point1, point2, rotationAngle)

  Calculate the center of rotation by two points and one angle.

  Return type: Point.

  rotatePt (point1, rotationCenterPt, rotationAngle)

  Calculate the coordinates of a point after rotating an angle around the center of rotation. 

  Return type: Point.

  readString (path)

  Read data from local files.

  Return type: String.


  writeString (path, str)

  Write data for a file in the specified path.

  Return type: Void.

  delectFolder (startDate, endDate, dateFormat, path)

  Delete folders created in a specific period of time, which named in a fixed-time format.

  Return type: Void.