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AOI Lights OPT-RIA series

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Product Features

1. Special diffusers provide high uniformity

2. Multi-color illumination from different angles highlights the 3D information e.g. of the soldering

3. Widely applied in the inspection of objects with complex shapes

                                          Uniformity Chart


                                          Spectrum Chart


Selection Guide

Section Structure Drawing

Customization Options

Application Cases

◆ Inspection of the soldering of circuit boards

◆ Inspection of round objects

◆ Inspection of objects with varying height

Application Example

Inspection of solder joints on PCBs

Original imageIlluminated

Result image with

 white light

Result image with

the AOI Light

Model Table
Series Model Output (Blue/Green/White) Output (Red) Color 2D Drawing 3D Drawing
AOI Lights OPT-RIA200-RGB 24V/31.4W 24V/31.4W RGB 2D Drawing
AOI Lights OPT-RIA211-RGB 24V/35.4W 24V/35.4W RGB 2D Drawing
AOI Lights OPT-RIA250-RGB 24V/50.2W 24V/50.2W RGB 2D Drawing
AOI Lights OPT-CO70-RIA211-RGBW 24V/47.6W 24V/47.6W RGB 2D Drawing