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Collimated Back Lights OPT-FP series

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Product Features

1. Highly parallel light provides optimal contrast of an object shape when used as back light

2. First choice for edge measurement and defect inspection on smooth surfaces

3. For use with coaxial optical systems for the inspection of scratches or other defects on smooth surfaces

                                           Uniformity Chart


                                            Spectrum Chart

                                           Wavelength (nm)

Selection Guide

Section Structure Drawing

Customization Options

Application Cases

◆ Geometric measurement of highly accurate parts

◆ Electronic component outline inspection

◆ Inspection of objects with very small structure

Application Example

Inner frame of a mobile phone screen inspection

Original Image

Result Image

Model Table
Series Model Output (Blue/Green/White) Output (Red) Color 2D Drawing 3D Drawing
Collimated Lights OPT-FP8272 24V/3.2W 24V/0.9W W/R/G/B/UV/IR 2D Drawing