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Fiber Spot Lights OPT-QG series

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Product Features

1. Built-in 100 - 240V AC power, integrated structure

2. Suitable to replace halogen lights without changing any other equipment

3. High-intensity LEDs, twice lifespan of halogen lights

                             25 W LEDs deliver the same brightness as 100 W halogen lights

                             Halogen light (white)                                       QG series (white)

Halogen lights provide insufficient intensity, leading to poor image quality,

while QG series lights offer the required brightness.

                                                     Uniformity Chart


Selection Guide

Section Structure Drawing

Customization Options

Application Cases

◆ Replacement of halogen lights

◆ Illumination in the medical field

◆ Semiconductor equipment

◆ Microscopes

◆ General industrial applications

Application Example

Beer cap surface characters recognition

Original ImageResult Image

Model Table
Series Model Output (Blue/Green/White) Output (Red) Color 2D Drawing 3D Drawing
Fiber Spot Lights OPT-QG10 10.0W 10.0W W/R/G/B 2D Drawing
Fiber Spot Lights OPT-QG80 40.0W 40.0W W/G/B/R 2D Drawing