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LIM Combined Bar Lights OPT-LIM Series

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Product Features

1. The illuminate angle can adjust freely

2. Intensity of each light can be controlled independently

3. First choice for large area illumination, workable for different cases

                                            Uniformity Chart

                                            Spectrum Chart

Selection Guide

Application Areas

◆ PCB inspection

◆ Electronic component inspection

◆ Solder inspection

◆ Marker point localization

◆ Microscopes illumination

◆ Reading of package labels

Customization Options

Application Example

PCB solder inspection

Original ImageIlluminatedResult Image

Model Table
Series Model Output (Blue/Green/White) Output (Red) Color 2D Drawing 3D Drawing
Combined Bar Lights OPT-LIM6022 24V/2.9W 24V/2.5W W/R/G/B/Y/UV/IR 2D Drawing
Combined Bar Lights OPT-LIM11222 24V/8.9W 24V/3.8W W/R/G/B/Y/UV/IR 2D Drawing
Combined Bar Lights OPT-LIM15020 24V/12.1W 24V/4.8W W/R/G/B/Y/UV/IR 2D Drawing
Combined Bar Lights OPT-LIM21230 24V/31.2W 24V/13.4W W/R/G/B/Y/UV/IR 2D Drawing