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High Intensity Spot Lights OPT-PIG series

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Product Features

1. Five times intensity of standard spot lights

2. High effective heat dissipation design, keeps the housing temperature below 45°C

3. A special lighting-guide optical part deployed, the intensity can reach 400,000 lux

Uniformity Chart


Spectrum Chart


Selection Guide

Section Structure Drawing

Customization Options

Application Cases

◆ Detection of capacitance

◆ Screw surface defects inspection

◆ Pitch measurement of connectors

◆ Inspection of soldering points

Application Examples

Surface inspection of fingerprint scanner

Original ImageIlluminatedResult Image

Model Table
Series Model Output (Blue/Green/White) Output (Red) Color 2D Drawing 3D Drawing
High Intensity Spot Lights OPT-PIG0803 0.7A/2.3W 0.7A/1.8W W/G/B/R 2D Drawing