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High Power Coaxial Lights OPT-COG series

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Product Features

1. Four times intensity of standard series

2. High-power SMD LEDs

3. High penetrability and high uniformity diffuser

4. Heat-conductive plate and fan to release the heat

5. Special view window and beam splitter

                                Uniformity chart


                                 Spectrum Chart

Section Structure Drawing

Application Areas

◆ Inspection of reflective surface, including dents, damage, defects

◆ Printing circuit board characters and pattern inspection

◆ Marker point localization

◆ Inspection of glass surface and geometric measurement

◆ Recognition of QR codes

Customization Options

Application Example

PCB soldering plate localization

Original ImageIlluminatedResult Image

Model Table
Series Model Output (Blue/Green/White) Output (Red) Color 2D Drawing 3D Drawing
High Power Coaxial Lights OPT-COG50 0.63A/15.1W 1A/24W W/R/G/B/Y/UV/IR 2D Drawing
High Power Coaxial Lights OPT-COG80 2A/48W 2A/48W W/R/G/B/Y/UV/IR 2D Drawing