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OPT Machine Vision

This is the products and applications of OPT in Shenzhen exhibition. (more...) 2017-07-20

Notification for stop providing PI , PIT series and PIG0810 lights

​We have stopped the production for PI, PIT and PIG0810 series standard lights, and use PIG0803 as a replacement. (more...) 2018-02-26

IMAGE SENSING SHOW 2017 in Yokohama Japan

From 7th to 9th June 2017 in Yokohama Japan, there is a great show named IMAGE SENSING SHOW 2017. You are welcomed to our booth : 32 (D hall). Address:1-1-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 220-0012, JAPAN. For more information via the URL below. http://www.adcom-media.co.jp/isseng/ (more...) 2017-05-17

Meet Kaohsiung Industrial Automation Exhibition 2017

Global industrial development has entered the industry 4.0, and turn into a rapid development trend. In order to pursuit the international hot topic of industry 4.0, " Kaohsiung Industrial Automation Exhibition 2017" will be held on 10AM –5PM (the last day until 4PM), April 21 (Friday) - 24 (Monday), 2017,in the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center. OPT is a high-tech enterprise for machine vis (more...) 2017-01-04

OPT in 2016 VISION Stuttgart

International machine vision exhibition held in Stuttgart, Germany on November 8-10, 2016. As a fair businesses, OPT settled in the 1A09. OPT's brand: OPT LED machine vision Lights , Controllers and other related new products were debuted at the exhibition. (more...) 2016-12-08

Sample case for machine vision LED Lighting

Recently, a novel sample case for machine vision LED lighting was designed by OPT for promotion, which won us a better image of professionalism. It is hard yet not heavy since it’s made of aluminium, and the wheels enable you save much energy. Most importantly, it can display different types of machine vision LED light, such as ring light, bar light, dome light, back light and power supply, e (more...) 2015-01-04

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