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Exhibition Express ∣ OPT and SCI’s overall application plan unveiled in Bangkok

Exhibition Express  OPT and SCI’s overall application plan unveiled in Bangkok

Introduction: June Exhibition Part II


19th June 2019- 22nd June 2019, OPT and its partner Abiz Technology unveiled at the Electronics Components and Production Equipment Exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand (NEPCON THAILAND 2019), hall 98, Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center, booth no. 8A05. NEPCON THAILAND is held for every two years and is the largest international electronics exhibition in Thailand.



As a sub-brand of OPT, SCI has strong independent research and development capabilities, and has accumulated more than ten years of machine vision algorithms. SCI hardware products include high-performance vision controllers, smart cameras, etc. Software products include the SciVision development kit and SciSmart smart vision software. Users can flexibly use the SciVision development kit to develop applications based on their needs. SciSmart vision software, graphical process editing, allowing users to quickly implement visual projects through parameter configuration without programming. SciSmart vision software has image expansion, positioning, measurement, surface detection and Blob analysis, classification and identification verification, hardware input and output and other functional modules, possess stable and easy to use features. 



In 2019, OPT and SCI’s software and hardware products appeared in multiple channels and gained good market evaluation. This time at the NEPCON THAILAND 2019 exhibition in Bangkok, OPT mainly brings its SciSmart vision software and hardware overall application plan in the electronics, 3C, food and packaging industries.    


SciSmart Vision Software Online Detection System

Industrial camera shoots moving parts in high speed, and achieves workpiece classification, round hole positioning, two-dimensional code recognition, OCR recognition, etc. through the SciSmart vision software. SciSmart vision software is able to quickly implement various inspection functions through a visual process structure.

Main configuration: 5 megapixel fixed-focus lens, multi-directional high uniform diffused light source OPT-RIW series, visual controller SCI-Q3 and so on. 

Proposal of the inspection of screw internal thread

This proposal is able to detect whether there are any defects on the internal thread of the screw.

Main configuration: 5 megapixel fixed-focus lens, ring combination light source OPT-RIM series, light source controller OPT-DPA1024E-4, visual controller SCI-Q3 and so on. 

Proposal of the inspection of high reflective mirror

Detect the defects such as scratches, bumps, and dirt on the metal aluminum plate. 

Main configuration: OPT industrial camera frame exposure array series, shift axis structure light source OPT-SLS series, vision controller SCI-Q3. 

Inspection of can’s surface pattern

This proposal is about can's surface pattern inspection, using a color line scan camera, match with white color super bright linear light source, capture the rolling can to obtain the expansion side view of the workpiece.

Main configuration: OPT Coloretto line scan lens, high-definition linear light source OPT-LSG series, light source controller OPT-DPA6024-2, visual controller SCI-X3, etc.


The exhibition is in progress. The whole exhibition will be held for four days and will last until 22nd of June. Welcome new and old customers to visit and consult. Remember the location of OPT: Hall 98, Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center, Booth 8A05!