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Meet Kaohsiung Industrial Automation Exhibition 2017

Global industrial development has entered the industry 4.0, and turn into a rapid development trend. In order to pursuit the international hot topic of industry 4.0, " Kaohsiung Industrial Automation Exhibition 2017" will be held on 10AM –5PM (the last day until 4PM), April 21 (Friday) - 24 (Monday), 2017,in the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center. OPT is a high-tech enterprise for machine vision application, it provides a competitive visual imaging solution to system integrators, equipment manufacturers, large manufacturing enterprises and large processing enterprises. This is greatly accelerated the development of industrial intelligence and automation market.

OPT new products will be showed in this time is RGB three colors lighting system. This light is used special diffuser to provide high uniformity. And it can illuminate the workpiece from different angles with different color combinations, which can highlight the 3D information on the workpiece and generate 3D images .In addition, OPT new focal fixed lens like 11MP lens, and 29MP will be also show in the exhibition.

OPT products and solutions have been applied in more than 20 countries and regions, and serviced more than 15000 customers. OPT lighting system is famous among 500 of the world's largest manufacturing enterprises, as well as world-renowned equipment manufacturers. OPT has become a trusted partner for global customers.

During the exhibition, OPT will promote new products and technologies, and sincerely invite domestic and abroad customers to visit the exhibition. We will also have technical staff to explain and demonstrate, so you have a deep understanding and trust of OPT products. If you want to have a detailed understanding of our products, you can visit our company, and we will have technical staff to answer questions on you.

Let's meet in Kaohsiung Industrial Automation Exhibition 2017, and enjoy the imagination of the future of the world ! On April 21-24 , 2017 , don't miss it !