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OPT LED machine vision lighting quality control

OPT takes very service for our LED machine vision light system test. Every LED machine vision light must be tested as serious electronic product processing before shipment. 

And more professional and comprehensive testing procedure is being conducted, ensuring all products' quality and stability.

Uniformity test 

Lighting system uniformity is perfect. Under certain power,

using intensity test apparatus to test different parts of 

the illumination surface, and make sure the different 

parts intensity is the same

Pulling test

Pulling test is to make sure the connector is stable. Connect

the controller connector and use 30N1s/time to test 25 

times and use 25N1S/times from 5 direction to pull the

cable of light

Trigger test

Trigger test is to make the trigger function working 

good.Connect the light, and test the light can be


Light intensity test 

Intensity test is to get the intensity value. Under certain

WD, using apparatus to test the light intensity

High temperature aging test

High temperature aging test is to make sure 

controller with good stability and heat transfer 

Under full burden situation,  testing the 

controller performance after 72 hours aging test,

and using temperature measure apparatus to test 

the whole housing temperature and control it 

within inquired standard

Bend testing

Bend testing is to make sure the cable not easy damaged 

in the application of moving. cable can burden 200g 

heavy and shaking more than 2000 times from the burden

part to the 30cm from the cable output and the bend

test machine set shaking 90 degree and 40 times/min to

test cable electrified

High and low temperature thermal shock test 

High and low temperature test is to make sure the 

controller work good under the high and low 

temperature exchange situation.Test 2 hours in 

the 70 degree, and 2 hours in the -20 degree 

and the controller is working continuos during 

the test.

Thermal shock test is to make sure the light 

can work in a good condition in the cool and hot

temperature exchange.Using the max power to test 

5 times

Vibration test 

Vibration test is to make sure product keep long

life span,Using 50Hz vibration frequency to shake 

the product up and down and right and left in 30mins

Stress test 

Stress test is to make sure controller housing is fit

for IEC61010-1 standard. Controller burden 250N+/-10N

stress and test 5mins (condition: contact area is 30mm

diameter,energy level is 5J, test ball diameter is 

50mm and weight 500+/-25g)

Stability test

Stable test is to make sure light intensity not 

effect when it is working in the high temperature 

for long time Turn on the light with controller 

and put it into the 70 degree environment temperature

for continuous working and test the trigger function

of controller is ok or not, and light is not flash by

itself and light intensity decrease is not over 10%