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OPT in the Vision Stuttgart

OPT joined the vision Stuttgart since from 2010, OPT is quite new for all of the customers as this is the first time OPT join the world biggest machine vision exhibition, and there are a lot of world famous brand in machine vision industry. Everyone is very curiosity of this Chinese brand and how can them to win in European marketing which is quite mature in machine vision application, and they have a lot high technology in machine vision application, but for the LED machine vision lighting system, it is always changed in the machine vision industry, so OPT is focused on its strong points and developed a lots of new products together with customers’ application. Through hard works of OPTers, we have done a lot of great effort and for the OPT brand promotion, some customers final admit our honest and hard work finally, and then try to test the LED machine vision lighting system from OPT, they offered highly recommends of OPT’s LED light, and this encouraged us to move on and more active in Europe. We believe we can do more and more excellent jobs following we have discussed with more customers, we always take customers’ voice in serious consideration and make action as quickly as possible so that we are suitable for customers and marketing satisfied in the large extend. 

2010 Vision Stuttgart

This is the first year OPT joined the Vision Stutgart, and       there were some more Chinese face in the Vision Stuttgart following China machine vision application explored.


2011 Vision Stuttgart

By the hard work of 2010 Vision Stuttgart, we won some      customers' trust, and we had some good friends in the          Vision Stuttgart,and OPT LED machine vision lighting            system used more and more customers.

2012 Vision Stuttgart

OPT enlarged our booth to 18mm and showed some           special machine vision light in the show, and customers      were amazed of many of our new products

2014 Vision Stuttgart

2014 Vision is the biggest new for the customers, we     brought a lot of new products in the show after 1 year    stop in 2013, many customers had interested in the       LED light and asked a lot of question in the show, we  were happy to keep the same booth 1A09 and using    special way to show OPT brand in Europe,we will be   more professional following our understanding of          European marketing, we believe the next year is an      new era for OPT, and we will continue to bring more       surprises to customers. See you soon in 2016 Vision      Stuttgart, OPT keep the same booth 1A09